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” Early childhood should be a journey, not a race. “

The EdisonLearning Connected Curriculum used by Kids’ Castle Kindergarten and Preschool is a structured framework of Learning Units which provides a perfect starting point for engaging play, exciting discovery, and motivating learning that prepares your child for every obstacle your son or daughter might face in Primary school, either national or international.



Our Mission & Vision

Our Kindergarten and Preschool helps develop every area of young child’s mind, ability and character which is needed for the 21st century such as:



The children learn to understand, respect, and appreciate each other. Staff members mentor children as they model a life that is built upon an international worldview. Character development is emphasized and celebrated on a daily basis, especially during weekly assemblies.


Kindergarten and Preschool staff members have aspiration to educate and mentor every child individually in order to meet their academic, emotional, and physical needs through exploration, creative expression, and social interaction. Every child  is unique, therefore, individual instruction is provided. This is accomplished through a team of educators that works with both the children and their parents.


We are made up of a culturally diverse group of  children where understanding and respect are developed. The diversity in the student body is intentionally celebrated through classroom international days and during the all-school event (International Day, Book Week and Art Week).

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Kids’ Castle provides the Edison Learning Curriculum in years: Nursery, Reception and Preschool. The curriculum is delivered in each year group in English and in the Slovak Language.

Why choose the Edison Learning Program?

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