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” Early childhood should be a journey, not a race. “


Our kindergarten is located on the Castle Hill, in a quiet residential area, yet having a big garden and a private parking. The villa provides a generous space of some 600 sq metres including childrens’ play area, academic zone equipped for art, music, library, assembly room, dining room and bedrooms. This favourable location gives us a perfect opportunity for short trips to sports facilities, museums, galleries, theatres and sightseeing of Bratislava centre, as well as to Horský Park (little forest).


We believe that taking care of children, teaching them to respect and appreciate one another are important values these days. For us it is important to work individualy with each child to capture and support his/her uniqueness so it can be developed further.

Staff & Curriculum

Our professional staff is a team of international teachers with years of successful practice with
project-based and child-centered connected curriculum accredited by Edison Learning Program, which is one of the top world educational platforms. This is combining real life with the academic facts in a way that your child will learn all naturally, with the focus on critical thinking.
We have two approaches when delivering the curriculum to choose from based on the language of instruction. It could be either an English approach with the additional choice of Spanish, Chinese, German and Slovak lessons or an approach with the Slovak language of instruction with intensive English and possible offer of Spanish, Chinese and German lessons.
A big part of the Edison Learning Program is covered by physical education and the development of fine and gross motor skills. The children have their schedule designed in such a way that they can experience various off-site activities to develop their fitness and leisure hobbies with athletics and activities (for example, swimming, yoga, ball games, gymnastics and dancing lessons.)

Extra care for children

To enhance the children’s creativity, and support lifelong learning & better memory, along with a calmer and more centered approach to their surroundings, we are cooperating with the experts of Brighter Minds. The program equips every child with tools and methods to enhance the senses of observation,
cognitive functioning and instils confidence in oneself.
Hand in hand both programs, the Edison Learning Program together with the Brighter Minds Global Educational Initiative are combined in a way to give your child the best possible start in his/her preschool life.

Kids’ Castle structure

Nursery 3-4 years

Reception 4-5 years

Preschool  5-6 years

Daily schedule

Opening hours

Monday – Friday 7.30 am – 5.30 pm with possible aftercare if agreed in advance, throughout the year.

Extra care for parents

We also believe that you, the parents of the little ones deserve special care, too. Therefore, we would like to offer wellness programs provided by our partner of Heartfulness Institute. This is a global nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteer trainers who serve more than a million meditators in over 130 countries. The mission is to help develop peaceful, healthy and holistically educated individuals and children, families and communities, organizations and businesses, and government organizations, with a spirit of human well-being and oneness. Heartfulness relaxation and meditation techniques are
studied and proven to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing
emotional intelligence and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness.

You relax and we help you do better.


We have nutritionally balanced, homemade healthy food prepared by a small family provider Maškrtníček, with three meals per day: snack, lunch, and supper, and for the early birds, we serve breakfast as a courtesy till 8.00 am.
For a good fluid intake and healthy drinking habits throughout the day, children have access to freshly squeezed organic fruit and vegetable juices provided by RioFresh and hypoallergenic vegetable milk provided by Body&Future.


Tichá 7262/45A, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovakia
Latitude: 48.151485 Longitude: 17.082476

Public transport

Trolleybus 203, 207 Hodžovo nám. to Červený kríž.
Trolleybus 207 from Lovinského to Červený kríž.


From the City centre – Presidential Palace: Palisády, The Castle, Mudroňova, at the 3rd crossing  – in front of Albrecht Hotel, turn to the left to Slávičie údolie street and keep left at the fork, then keep left again downhill on Svetlá street, coming to a T junction slight right then straight left uphill onto a private road Tichá ul. (súkromná cesta) turn right and go to the end of the street.

Thank you for sharing the journey with us.