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Friday – Piatok


Snack am Pastry with leguminous spread Lunch Creamy salmon soup, tagliatelle with poppy seeds Snack pm Bebe cereal with milk Desiata      strukovinová nátierka, pečivo Obed  [...]

Friday – Piatok2019-06-03T06:14:14+00:00

Thursday – Štvrtok


Snack am Bread with tomato spread Lunch Potato and Brussel sprouts soup, turkey sotee with peas and carrots, apple and carrot salad Snack pm Pudding Desiata    [...]

Thursday – Štvrtok2019-06-03T06:11:40+00:00

Wednesday – Streda


Snack am Bread with butter and ham Lunch Leguminous soup with carrot and garlic, granadier march and mixed vegetable salad Snack pm Cake Desiata      šunka, [...]

Wednesday – Streda2019-06-03T06:09:13+00:00

Tuesday – Utorok


Snack am Bread roll with cottage cheese Lunch Zucchini-kohlrabi soup with spelt nocchi, beef stew with sweet potato mash and iceberg salad Snack pm Yoghurt Desiata    [...]

Tuesday – Utorok2019-06-03T06:07:36+00:00

Monday – Pondelok


Snack am  Bread with sardel spread, butter and onion Lunch Creamy beans soup with an egg, couscous with turnip, baby spinach and zucchini Snack pm Porridge Desiata  [...]

Monday – Pondelok2019-06-03T06:05:23+00:00