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Summer camp

We have prepared for you this summer a variety of themed camps and activities to keep your children entertained throughout the whole summer, starting as early as 24th of June all the way till 30th of August.

You can book multiple weeks or a whole group for a selected date. The registrations begin in April. Please complete the inquiry form to indicate your interest and obtain more details about the selected event. Book early as only upon a submitted registration and paid fee we will confirm the booked place.

  • 24.06.-28.06.2019

  • 01.07.-04.07.2019

  • 08.07.-12.07.2019

  • 15.07.-19.07.2019

  • 22.07.-26.07.2019

  • 29,07.-02.08.2019

  • 05.08.-09.08.2019

  • 12.08.-16.08.2019

  • 19.08.-23.08.2019

  • 26.08.-30.08.2019

ART Camp
Children will explore a known and sometimes unknown history of Bratislava and interesting art techniques through daily trips to a selected location where they will paint, draw, model, form, play and discover how creative they can be.

ECO Camp
Children will learn about biomes in Bratislava and surrounding areas (Devin, Devinska Nova Ves). They will undertake daily trips to a selected location where they will observe the flora and fauna, learn about potential dangers and possible solutions. They will be engaged in activities which will contribute to local communities.

Children will practice core skills and develop new techniques in various sports in the mornings and learn historical facts and rules then use them in the afternoons while playing games.

Children will have lots of fun exploring their minds, coordination, learning a wide range of relaxation techniques in order to enhance their memory and strengthen their attention skills.

Children will learn a wide range of facts about survival in outdoors, making plans for, prepare and take part in a whole-day expedition trip.